Rance Series Creator Came Out of Retirement to Assist With a Patch for Rance IV so Fans Can Play it on Modern PCs

Rance series creator TADA made a post revealing that he acted as a consultant with developer Alicesoft on a patch for Rance IV: The Legacy of the Sect

This is one entry of the series that has not been officially published in the west, but I’m sure you can likely find the freeware version available online with an English fan translation.

TADA released a free patch that adds a few quality-of-life balancing updates to make playing the game easier for Rance fans. Further, and likely the most notable, is that it allows the game to be played on modern PCs with Windows 10/11 support. Finally, aside from other bug fixes, there’s BGM support, and players will find the EXP gain has been increased.

The patch is available for free now, but there is no word on if this will be available in the unofficial English patch version. I’m sure time will tell.

TADA retired in April 2019, shortly after the Rance series released its final entry, Rance X: Showdown, which has been confirmed to be localized by publisher MangaGamer.

Rance IV: The Legacy of the Sect has never been officially published in the west but remains as freeware from publisher Alicesoft. Anyone can download the game or its various patches. The game follows Rance and Sill, who is teleported to the mysterious, floating city of Ylapu. While they search everywhere for a way back to the surface, Leazas and Custom put together a team to bring them back. At the same time, a group of Helmanian soldiers is snooping around Ylapu.

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