Rainbow Six Siege Gets Spooky With Halloween ‘Mad House’ Event

Get spooked in Rainbow Six Siege as Ubisoft has announced that the game’s Halloween event has been deployed. Just by the event name alone, the “Mad House Halloween Event”, you can tell that this is one creepy event that will make even the bravest of soldiers quiver in terror.  

This year’s Rainbow Six Siege Halloween event starts today, October 25, and ends on Halloween night, October 31. The Mad House Halloween Event is the second event for Rainbow Six Siege.

For the event, Ubisoft didn’t just throw in some candy corn and call it day — they decided to fill the event up with all sorts of Halloween treats.  For starters, there’s a new haunting playlist to enjoy.

In the new playlist, attackers have the option to choose either Ash, Thermite, Buck, Hibana, and Finka, and defenders can pick from Mira, Vigil, Valkyrie, Jager, and Pulse. Instead of being in their usual gear, they’re sporting Halloween skins that are to die for. Along with fresh new looks, matches take place in Halloween version of the iconic map “House” that’ll give you the heebie-jeebies.

In the trailer below, you can take a look at how creepy the Mad House event is:

It wouldn’t be a Halloween event without tricks and treats. For treats, there’s the Crimsonveil Collection, which is a limited-time Halloween themed collection that offers players 22 exclusive cosmetic items for five new operators: Finka, Jager, Thermite, Valkyrie, and Vigil.  The Crimonsveil collection is available from October 25 (today) till November 5.

If you’re one tricky shooter who can rack up kills with ease, then you can earn yourself a Crimsonveil pack. The Mad House event includes the new “Trick or treat” Ubisoft Club Challenge that allows players to earn one Crimsonveil pack if they’re able to score 30 kills while playing the Mad House map and a second pack if they have the skills to reach 60 kills.

Want a freebie pack? Just log-in between October 25 (today) and November 5 and you’ll get one.  You can also use your hard-earned R6 credits to purchase packs — each pack costs 300 R6 credits. Don’t worry about getting the same treats (items) twice as Ubisoft has confirmed that the Crimsonveil packs will not give duplicates.

If you’re on the search for more spooky events for games, check out our Halloween event roundup.

Author’s Take: I miss trick or treating. Buying super cheap candies and chocolates the day after Halloween is great and all, but trick or treating was so much fun. Hope R6 Siege players have a hauntingly good time during the Mad House event. 

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