Rain Code Writer Kodaka Considering Sequel, But Yuma and Shinigami May Not Be the Main Characters

We recently spoke to a writer and the designer of Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE, Kazutaka Kodaka, about his thoughts on the game’s protagonists, DLC, post-launch content, and more.

In one particular response, Kodaka revealed that he would love to make a sequel to the game, but he’s unsure if it would feature Yuma and Shinigami as the main characters.

During the narrative, Yuma loses his memories after making a pact with the death god Shinigami. After waking up on a train, Yuma discovers he’s a Master Detective in training and en route to the mysterious Kanai Ward, which is under the control of the Amaterasu Corporation. The two are then thrust into a series of cases that may lead to the ward’s biggest secret.

However, in our interview, Kodaka-san reveals ideas about a potential sequel but isn’t sure of the direction that would take, saying, “I would love to make a sequel, but I’m still not sure if Yuma and Shinigami will be the main characters again.” Although there are other characters who join their cause throughout the narrative, these two are the leads, but the world is vast, so the potential for other characters to step up as main protagonists is a significant possibility.

Kodaka-san added, “I’ll pay attention to the opinions and feedback from those who play to create more stories with this IP.”

So if you want to see these two in more adventures, make it known over social media.

Following some positive reviews of Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE, it’s neat to see that Kodaka already has an established desire to grow the IP to further heights. Maybe we’ll gain more clarity on what a potential sequel would look like after experiencing the DLC episodes.

We’ll be sharing our full interview with Kodaka soon.

Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE is now available worldwide on Nintendo Switch.

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