Ragnarok Origin Launches on Mobile Devices in the West; A Boomer Series Weeb Enough for Any Generation

Gravity has launched Ragnarok Origin in the west on iOS and Android devices for all players to jump in and experience.

Ragnarok Origin is a remake of 2002’s Ragnarok Online for mobile devices and provides an MMORPG experience to players. For context, I used to play it in high school with friends and we had a blast. LAN Parties consisted of Ragnarok and WOW.

This new adventure is a mobile re-envisioning of Ragnarok Onlne, with improved graphics, battle system, and quest lines. Players will head out into the realm of Midgard to customize their character while fighting a bunch of monsters along with way. This mobile game also has some online socializing where you can join a part, trade, or fight in PVP.

Due to a pre-registration campaign, players are able to receive:

  • 1x Ring For Beginners (Stat boosting equipment)
  • 3x Boxes of Potions (Consumable health, mana, and food items)
  • 1x Gym Pass (Permanently increases inventory capacity)

These items are available from your menu.

There are six character classes to choose from as the game features an open-world design for quests. Further, players can customize their characters with various clothes and fits to stand out in the game.

You can watch the launch trailer below. Be warned this trailer tells you nothing about the game except that it’s played by normies around the world:

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