Psychological Horror Visual Novel ‘Raging Loop’ Coming West for PS4 and Switch

Psychological Horror Visual Novel ‘Raging Loop’ Coming West for PS4 and Switch

PQube announced that they will publish the Kemco developed psychological horror visual novel, Raging Loop, in North America and Europe for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch in 2019.

Raging Loop follows a story that takes place in the secluded Japanese village of Yasumizu. A heavy mist has begun to surround the town, which makes it impossible to leave. If that wasn’t bad enough, ancient gods have come back to life to hunt the villagers down one by one. Their feast has begun and the villagers must do anything they can to escape.

Raging Loop is a visual novel with branching paths and a game loop that requires players to make choices, which might have a deadly conclusion. Players will need to keep track of their choices using the game’s flowchart and rewind the story to select the choice with better outcomes. Additionally, the game has a New Game+ where players who clear the game can unlock Revelation Mode and discover the story in a new light. This allows players to see the inner thoughts of the characters and unlock new scenes that will give them more insight into their motivation.

The game will feature many deaths as the characters search for a way out, but where there’s a will there’s a way.

The publisher released a new trailer showing off the game’s characters below along with some new screenshots:

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