RPG Dark Elf Historia Gets New English Release by Shiravune

RPG Dark Elf Historia Gets New English Release by Shiravune

Publisher Shiravune has announced the western release of Dark Elf Historia. The RPG with erotic content will be available in English and Chinese (Traditional/Simplified) on Steam and Johren. According to the Steam page, the plan is for a Q1 2024 release.

Dark Elf Historia was originally released on Steam by Paradise Project back in 2017 but has since been delisted. The new edition offers a new translation but the base Steam edition now features the heroine in a dress rather than her old bikini armor.

This change is likely another attempt by the publisher to avoid a situation like Dungeon Travelers 2’s ban. The Johren page showcases a few adult scenes and mentions their edition allows for players to remove clothing at will.

In the game, we control a dark elf called Fornelia, whose voice actress is Ao Inukai (The Key to Home’s Shidou Akira, Chuusotsu’s Hachisuka Koiro). After a long time doing nothing but fighting during the World War, she starts handling odd jobs at town guilds around the world.

One day, Fornelia saved a boy called Ruse from a monster. Though he was initially reserved, he eventually opened up to her as the two started living together in the Oruc Kingdom.

As Fornelia, the player will have to handle some quests and the story will lead them down two major paths. Depending on player action, they may go through the normal route, which has the dark elf helping Ruse become a good man, or the criminal route, which forces her to humiliate herself with dirty work.

There are seven endings, 36 special scenes ranging from pure love to abusive circumstances, and some battle animations. Keep in mind some events may not be unlockable depending on your choices.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated on Dark Elf Historia updates as Shiravune shares more information about the project, such as its release date.

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