Visual Novel Adventure Developer Qureate Teases New Project to be Revealed Next Week; Gonna be Spicy

Developer Qureate launched a teaser website revealing an upcoming title set to be revealed on July 14, 2022. The publisher shared, “We hope that you gentlemen await for further news with your hearts full of anticipation.”

The image on the website shares “Start of New Project.” The developer is known for their visual novel and adventure games that tend to be more on the lewd side of things. Evidently, this title won’t be a part of their previous series, but some fans have requested a return to the “Days” visual novel series where otaku boys end up dating fantasy girls.

The developer’s most recent release on Nintendo Switch is The Future You’ve Been Dreaming Of. During gameplay, players will live in an apartment and witness the daily life of resident Sachi Usui. Players will choose what action Sachi takes throughout the day which will change the outcome of events. There are 20 different endings and the player will be able to unlock each of them across multiple playthroughs. However, the player can’t actually be seen by the resident so you can see Sakisen from different angles without startling her.

Sachi Usui is a female college student who is currently job hunting during an employment recession. As her deadline to get a job approaches, she must stay focused on the task without getting too distracted. Players will become a “God resident” to help oversee their actions. Players can then help or hinder Sachi through various actions.

We’ll keep you updated with their upcoming project:

Qureate 2

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