Quirky Brawler ‘Super Crush KO’ Launches on Switch and PC With New Trailer

Vertex Pop announced that their fast-paced brawler, Super Crush KO is out today for Nintendo Switch and PC-via Steam.

For $14.99, players control Karen as she dashes, punches, and shoot her way through mechs in a near-future city threatened with an AI apocalypse, not to mention Karen’s mission to take back her stolen cat in this colorful side-scrolling platformer.

According to Vertex Pop’s website for the game, the story starts with “a robot-commanding alien heartthrob kidnapping Karen’s adorable kitten Chubbz. Leaving Karen has no choice but to grab a laser blaster, put on her favorite neon jacket, and start kicking robot butt.” Aside from all the punching and kicking, players can also collect power-up junk food items like pizza and popcorn to exicute different special attacks.

The launch trailer boasts combat that seamlessly blends close quarters punching with gun blasters along with powerful uppercuts, air dashes, and blasting giant beams. All of which is needed in the game’s combo system that scores players as they keep damaging enemies. All of which encourages players to run through enemies to catchy music quickly and a vibrant color palette that definitely to gives the game a unique look. Also, in classic platforming style, there are plenty of items to collect, giant bosses to defeat, and a few platforming puzzles to conquer.

Vertex Pop describes Super Crush KO as “a brawler with heart, intrigue, and The Cutest Cat In The Universe.” featuring an intense beat-em-up with easy to execute combos all with a backdrop of urban cityscapes and pastel skylines. There will also be an online leaderboard and ranking system made to keep players coming back to its 20 different levels to S-Rank them all.

It’s easy to see where Super Crush KO’s exuberant look comes from when checking out Vertex Pop’s previous titles, Graceful Explosion Machine and We Are Doomed. Both of these titles are eye-catching side-scrolling shoot ‘em ups — making this new title somewhat of a new genre for Vertex Pop, though certainly, they have the looks and combo systems down.

Check out the screenshots and launching the trailer below to see Karen in action.

Author’s Take: Female protag, lots of colors, and fun beats sound like a game made for me. It makes me disappointed that I put Graceful Explosion Machine in my eShop wishlist but never pulled the trigger. Have you checked out any of Vertex Pop’s titles? Tell me what you think about them over on Twitter @_micmur

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