PVP Crime Investigation Simulator ‘CRIMESIGHT’ Now Available On Steam

Konami released CRIMESIGHT on April 14 and shared a launch trailer depicting its stylish characters as well as the gameplay mechanics. Focused on an online player-versus-player experience of crime prevention, the game is described as a mystery simulation. It’s now available on PC via Steam.

CRIMESIGHT takes place in London on the year 2075. As serious crimes can now be predicted by modern technology, they’ve been severely reduced. However, the system detects a crime that’ll be so catastrophic that the crime prevention system’s architects have to create AI that can investigate and prevent that specific crime.

This AI called Sherlock and the criminal mastermind, Moriarty, will thus play a game of sorts in which both of them can control different avatars. As Moriarty will have a specific target to murder, it’ll be up to Sherlock to try and prevent this from happening, uncovering his intentions.

To kill their target which may be any of the other five pawns in the game, the villain has to find a weapon and get to be alone with them. Meanwhile, the detective has to try and prevent this murder from happening while trying to pinpoint who this would-be killer is.

Check out the new trailer:

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