Purple Software Visual Novel ‘Kunado Chronicles’ Coming West Next Month

Publisher Shiravune has announced the English and Chinese release of Kunado Chronicles. The Purple Software visual novel will be available on PC via Steam and Johren on April 7, 2023. The game is already up for preorders through Johren for $ 19.99 (a 20% discount from the base price).

Taking place in a world almost completely destroyed by metallic creatures called Tekki, Kunado Chronicles tells the story of a young man from a thousand years in the past awakened from a cold-sleep hibernation. With missing memories but knowledge of eras past, he will share his culture with this generation of the far future in a country known as Kanto, which is made up of survivors from the long-lost Japan.

Love interests include four main heroines. First, there’s Haruhime (VA: Hana Akino), an elegant princess who’s more curious than most people in Kanto. She’s the leader of the Eight Blades, the group commanding the country, and people love her as a fair ruler. One curious trait of hers is how much she loves eating, having even secret snack stashes under her sleeves.

Akane (VA: Musubi Aono) and Aoi (VA: Suzu Sazanami) are twins who are also part of the Eight Swords. Akane is a headstrong individual who trusts wholeheartedly in her instincts instead of thinking too deeply about any subjects. You’d expect Aoi to be mellower but, despite thinking more, she’s even wilder and known as a berserker. She just loves the chaos so much, she likes to let her sister be the decision-maker.

Finally, Yuri (VA: Maya Suzuya) is an ordinary person tasked with protecting the protagonist. Though she dislikes him at first, the two grow on each other to the point she becomes a major ally looking forward to what he can accomplish. She’s too honest and inflexible, which seems to make her fun to tease.

Another character highlighted by the company is Natsuhime (VA: Yui Ogura), who’s Haruhime’s older sister. However, unfortunately, everyone believes her to have died after freeing her people from the oppressive might of a Kurokami. As a user of a power called Kotodama, she was known as a near-godlike being.

Kunado Chronicles was written by Mikage (Amatsutsumi, ef) and directed by Yasushi Ishikawa (Seishun Fragile). It also features illustrations by Hikage Asahina and COQ, with SD art by Haruka Komowata and backgrounds by Waisshu and Gakai Sai.

Check out the Japanese opening for Kunado Chronicles:

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