Publisher Shares Hateful Messages After Announcing They Will Not Censor Upcoming Switch Release of Sense: A Cyberpunk Ghost Story

We live in a world where those who lean too far into any ideals can encourage others to actively spew hate speech and hurtful messages when things don’t aline with their viewpoints.

Most recently, publisher Top Hat Studios, an indie publisher who focused on releasing adult titles when they first launched and now have expanded their portfolio to include a host of genres, has shared that they have been receiving threats from “gamers” who are protesting the Nintendo Switch release of Sense: A Cyberpunk Ghost Story on January 7.

In a statement, the publisher said they would not censor the game or change it in any way as it has been approved by the rating boards and the platform holder for release. This didn’t sit well with some who are now making it their personal mission to point fingers at the developer and publisher for the game’s imagery, which portrays a futuristic world with large breasted character designs.

It’s good to mention that the game is not an h-game and does not contain pornographic material of any kind. Character designs aside, the game is a survival horror adventure with point-and-click mechanics. There aren’t relationship mechanics or sexual scenes that would suggest the title be adults only. That said, it did receive an M for Mature and PEGI 18 rating.

After the announcement, people claimed the publisher was lying, which has forced them to share a list of comments and threats made to them publically and privately on the matter. The messages are shown below throw claims of misogyny against the publishers for a game they released months ago on Steam without this level of drama.

We’ll post the screenshots below, but it’s good to know that your time is better spent being constructive and enjoying video games. There’s plenty to play out there, some of it you won’t like, but to spend your time on being angry at what others are playing or enjoying, well, I’m afraid that’s not right. The developer chose not to change their game, respect that, and move on.

In case you missed it, check out our review of the PC version.

You can read the messages below:

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