Psychological Thriller ‘Loretta’ Gets PC Release Date in New Gameplay Trailer

Psychological Thriller ‘Loretta’ Gets PC Release Date in New Gameplay Trailer

Dangen Entertainment announced that the Yakov Butuzov-developed psychological thriller, Loretta, will launch on PC via Steam on February 16, 2023.

Inspired by Alfred Hitchcock, Loretta places players in the 1940s as a woman who has just become an accomplice to murder. The game is set in a small town in America, where Loretta has been dragged from her cozy home in New York to follow her husband, a writer. However, neither is successful in this new town, but Loretta learns of a lucrative life insurance policy filed for her husband, and the gears begin to turn.

Gameplay features 2D point-and-click systems where players explore the various locals and interact with other characters. The player chooses dialogue responses, but the game also spans across multiple characters as it jumps back and forth through time to provide additional context. There are several paths the player can end up on, each with twists and multiple endings.

Additionally, there are cryptic puzzles players will encounter that dive deeper into Loretta’s past.

“For quite a long time I was enthralled by writing about an ambiguous hero, even an anti-hero. Creating a complex character, who, despite her evil actions, would evoke sympathy and understanding, if not forgiveness, was one of the main challenges in making Loretta,” says writer Yakov Butuzov. “The story in Loretta provides a chance to explore a personal family drama in the 1940s about adultery, violence and relationships between a man and a woman. Loretta is an opportunity to ask questions that are relevant to this day – questions that concern me personally, and an opportunity to express my love for the culture, history and art that I’ve adored all my life. I only hope that the players will enjoy Loretta as much as I enjoyed working on it.”

You can watch the trailer below:

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