Psychological Horror Game ‘Stray Souls’ Reveals New Trailer Ahead of Halloween Release

During Feardemic’s FEAR FEST, Black Summer, Jukai Studio and Versus Evil unveiled a new trailer for their upcoming mystery-driven psychological horror game Stray Souls. Prospective players can get a closer look at the types of environments and obstacles they’ll have to overcome as the teenage boy, Daniel.

After inheriting a home from his estranged grandmother, the curious Martha seems to know more about this house than him. Alas, when night falls, secrets regarding the occult and Daniel’s past creep out, which he can’t escape from.

The title features elements from Japanese survival horror titles, with “a variety of randomized systems where enemy encounters, item placement, paranormal activity, and even weather patterns are always changing, so no two playthroughs are exactly the same.” Metahuman technology and Unreal Engine 5 have helped enhance the realistic presentation, with 4K 60 FPS supported on next-gen consoles and haptic feedback on PlayStation 5.

Silent Hill was a significant influence on Stray Souls, so it only makes sense to have the legendary Akira Yamaoka working alongside veteran indie composer Pete Welch.

Akira Yamaoka has a long-standing career in the game industry, dating all the way back to 1994 with Konami. However, his most recognized and influential music was featured in the original Silent Hill for PlayStation. So, having him for a horror game is a step in the right direction for any horror game enthusiast.

You can view the latest trailer for Stray Souls below:

In Stray Souls, players will play as Daniel, a young teen who has inherited a house from his long-estranged grandmother, which brings him to Aspen Falls. He must fight off hordes of creatures while figuring out the secrets hidden in the town and uncover a sinister conspiracy surrounding his birth.

Stray Souls will launch for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 5, and PC via Steam this Halloween.

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