Psycho-Pass Providence Releases Series Recap Video for Fans & Newcomers

Crunchyroll has just released a brand-new recap video for the entire Psycho Pass franchise. The recap video was posted to their Crunchyroll Dubs YouTube channel, and serves so that both long-time fans and newcomers to the series’ alike can get a quick rundown on the plot and its narrative, ahead of the release of the new film, Psycho-Pass: Providence, which will be coming to theaters on July 14.

In Psycho Pass, the story revolves around The Sibyl System, an authoritarian system that quantifies the human personality. Sibyl’s analysis dictates every aspect of the citizens’ future. In exchange for Sibyl’s rule, the citizens enjoy a peaceful life. With all manner of mental states and trends being recorded and monitored, the standard by which an individual’s soul is measured is a number that people have come to call the titular Psycho-Pass.

Detectives, wielding guns called Dominators, specialized guns that measure a person’s Crime Coefficient, work closely with Enforcers who hunt down latent criminals before they can break the law. The young inspector Akane Tsunemori, joins as part of the Criminal Investigation Department, and her partner, Enforcer Shinya Kogami, wrestle with the question of how a fair and perfect society can be upheld and maintained by a system that could possibly be corrupt.

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In Psycho Pass: Providence, the year is 2118. Chief Inspector of the Criminal Investigation Department, Akane Tsunemori, receives a report of an incident on a foreign vessel – the body of Professor Milicia Stronskaya has been discovered. Behind the incident is a group known as the Peacebreakers, a foreign paramilitary organization and a new outside threat who are targeting the professor’s research papers known as the “Stronskaya Document”.

You can watch the Psycho-Pass recap video below with English dubs:

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