Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis Shares New Developer Letter Thanking Fans for 2 Years of Playing

The Operations & Development Team of SEGA’s Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis action RPG game has recently shared a new letter thanking all players for their support, as New Genesis completes its second-year anniversary. The letter reminisces all of the major updates the game’s had so far, and also offers a brief outlook on the upcoming future that players can expect from the game during the third year of service.

You can read the full letter below:

June 9, 2023, marked the second anniversary of the launch of PSO2 NEW GENESIS (NGS).
The Operations & Development Team would like to offer its heartfelt thanks to all the ARKS Defenders for making this milestone possible.

NGS’s second year saw the launch of the third new field – the Kvaris Region – in June 2022, and the fourth – the Stia Region – in December, revealing the full scope of Planet Halpha.
We’ve also delivered two new classes: the Familiar-wielding Waker in August 2022, and the Gunblade-slinging Slayer in April 2023.
Furthermore, following the appearance of Dark Falz Aegis, the story has reached a turning point, as the mystery of Halpha is revealed in Chapter 5 of the story.

Moving into its third year, NGS has started down a path to a new future as PSO2 NEW GENESIS ver.2, aiming to further evolve.
As a first step, we have implemented the Creative Space, which received a great deal of positive feedback in previews. Creating a free space where players can edit terrain and build structures was an unprecedented challenge for the Phantasy Star series.
We are also greatly looking forward to seeing the kinds of spaces and gameplay ARKS will create. We hope everyone will enjoy this new free space.

In addition to Creative Space, we’re releasing Chapter 6 of the story, with new elements like Portable Holograms and Cel Shading. We’re also cranking up the volume for battles by raising the level cap to 75 and adding fresh Ranks for the new enemy species known as Starless. Moving forward, we plan to release Creative Spaces for Alliances, ultra-high difficulty party quests, new multiparty quests with strong random elements and high replayability, and more. We are currently hard at work developing these for players to enjoy.

Currently, you can grab the NGS 2nd Anniversary Campaign Part 3 Limited-time Login Bonus and the NGS 2nd Anniversary Special Gift in-game. Beginning in July, we’ll also be holding a campaign to commemorate the 11th anniversary of PSO2.

Since the start of NGS’s second year, we have brought to life a variety of collaborations both inside and outside the game. Moving forward, we plan to give you even more collabs to enjoy, starting with our collaborations with Sonic and GHOST IN THE SHELL: SAC_2045 in June. Keep an eye out for future collab announcements in NGS Headline and our other media channels!

The Operations & Development Team will continue to make every effort to ensure that NGS keeps making great strides as we head into the future.
Thank you for playing PSO2 NEW GENESIS.

-The Operations & Development Team of PSO2 NEW GENESIS

Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis is set 1,000 years after the events of Phantasy Star Online 2, PSO2: NGS takes place on Halpha, a planet on which ARKS (soldiers of the Oracle colony fleet in the Phantasy Star Online 2 series) are locked in a battle for dominance against the mysterious DOLLS.

PSO2: NGS features new and improved action combat and character customization, allowing for more flexibility and expression than ever before. Choosing from four unique races and eight classes, players can join forces with other operatives to experience unforgettable battles and boss fights in brand new locales, with an emphasis on flowing, flashy mobility to conquer and explore sprawling open environments. New Genesis is currently available on PC via the Microsoft and Epic Game Stores, and via Steam, as well as on consoles via the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, with support for cross-platform and cross-progression play.

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