Monster-Taming RPG ‘Pry Into The Void’ Gets New Trailer Showcasing Dark Themes and Characters

Dangen Entertainment released a trailer for the Ernest Placido-developed monster-taming RPG Pry Into The Void in development for consoles and PC via Steam. A release date has not been confirmed.

Pry Into The Void has players take on the role of Josef, a young man thrust into the depths of the Void with a crucial mission: to confront and defeat a malevolent entity draining the world of its life force. Equipped with the unique ability to peer into the hearts of both monsters and people, Josef must assemble a team of allies to assist him on this perilous journey into darkness.

The gameplay does its best to immerse players in a somber and unusual adventure, where they must delve into the innermost thoughts and feelings of creatures and individuals alike. Through meaningful conversations, players must navigate a series of challenging moral dilemmas, exploit vulnerabilities in turn-based combat, and enlist monsters as valuable allies.

In this new trailer, players are introduced to the enigmatic character, Waltiere, a devoted servant who has faithfully served Josef’s powerful and esteemed grandfather. With unwavering loyalty, Waltiere extends his allegiance to Josef, urging him to step up as the potential savior of a world teetering on the edge of destruction. As Josef, players are confronted with a profound decision: will they embrace Waltiere’s assistance, ascending to a position of authority to guide humanity toward a brighter future, or will they falter in the face of adversity and the weight of responsibility?

We’ll keep you updated on the development of Pry Into The Void

You can watch the trailer below:

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