Artdink is the Developer of Project Triangle Strategy, But Who Are They?

Earlier today, Nintendo debuted the newest HD-2D game from Square Enix titled Project Triangle Strategy, in development for Nintendo Switch with a planned release date for 2022.

However, while producer Tomoya Asona is credited as working on the game, developer Artdink is developing the title. So, who is Artdink?

Artdink happens to a very niche developer with games dating back to 1988 but probably known by retro players as the developer of Neo Atlas, a series that began in the ’90s on PlayStation, but hasn’t made a real impact in the west. I’ll understand if you don’t even know what the game is, but its simulation elements led them to work on games such as SimCity 2000.

While simulation and adventure games are what they seemed to focus on, the developer has had some footing in the SRPG genre. In 1993, Artdink would assist development on Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen and in 1995 on Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together. This series is known amongst SRPG fans as one of the best in the genre next to Final Fantasy Tactics.

Their experience as a tactical JRPG developer would find them working on games such as Gundam Battle Tactics and a variety of Macross titles. However, in recent years, the developer has slowed down their releases to about one or two a year, with games such as Witch Spring 3 Re:Fine and Sword Art Online: Lost Song, to name a few. The latest game in the Neo Atlus series, Neo Atlus 1469 released in 2016, but the developer hasn’t seen any significantly critically-well-received titles in quite awhile.

Still, it seems their work in the tactics genre and their creative ideas within the simulation field has labeled them as the best suited for Project Triangle Strategy, with the guidance of the Octopath Traveler team, of course.

Project Triangle Strategy will be published in the west by Nintendo on Switch. Gameplay has players take on tactical turn-based combat reminiscent of classic entries in the genre. Players can interact with the environment by utilizing elemental attacks and navigating the battlefield.

Well, that’s your rundown of Artdink, who is currently developing one of the most hyped announcements to come out of the Nintendo Direct. One game I recall playing from them growing up was Carnage Heart on PlayStation. One game I’ve always wanted to play from them was Kowloon’s Gate on PlayStation, but it was never released in the west.

You can check out screenshots below:

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