Project Nimbus: Complete Edition Interview – Bringing Fast-Paced Mech Action to Switch and Future of the Series

Let’s just face it, mechs are some of the coolest things ever. There’s just nothing like the idea of riding around in an overpowered machine and launching hundreds of missiles or carrying a sword used to slash through enemy mechs. If it seems like I’m getting overly excited, it’s because I am!

Recently publisher GameTomo announced that the GameCrafterTeam developed mech action series Project Nimbus will be coming to Nintendo Switch as Project Nimbus: Complete Edition. This new entry would include new modes and updates that have not yet been released to western audiences when it releases on May 16 on the Nintendo Switch eShop.

Noisy Pixel had the chance to interview GameTomo’s director of development Michael Ely to learn more about the game’s developed and new features on coming to the Switch.

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Azario Lopez: Project Nimbus has steadily received new updates and additional content since it first released on Steam in 2017. What has been the team’s goal with this project since the game officially launched and do you feel like you are close to reaching that goal with Project Nimbus: Complete Edition on Switch?

Michael Ely: The original game was made in a previous version of Unreal Engine. We started by porting the game to high-resolution glory in UE4 to release on the PS4, and from there, our amazing coders tried to run it on the Switch dev kit (after some tinkering in C++), and it mostly worked right away! So we went ahead and made all the necessary changes to let Switch mecha fans play the game. We’re also really excited to be releasing a game on Switch.

AL: How long has Switch version of Project Nimbus been in development and was it difficult to bring the game to the new platform? Was there anything that you’ve learned or improved on as a team after porting the game to PS4?

ME: Development on the Switch version started around November last year. We had to optimize the game a lot more for the Switch, both on the CPU and GPU sides. Reducing memory usage is a challenging task of course. It was a great experience and we have learned quite a few things about porting games to different consoles (and now handheld consoles!) and how we can improve our process in the future.

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AL: Western gamers might be unaware, but Project Nimbus has some impressive English audio for the game’s characters. Was it important during development to have English audio in the game and will there be a Japanese voiced audio option for the Switch version?

ME: Yes! There is a ton of dialogue in the game, and we re-recorded all of it in Japanese here in Tokyo. So there is English and Japanese audio and subtitles, and you can switch between them. Maybe even use it as a little portable Japanese class?

AL: Are there plans to release the game physically in the west?

ME: We don’t have plans to make a physical disc release. We’re basically happy with the online storefronts at this time.

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AL: The Nintendo Switch release carries the “Complete Edition” subtitle, do you plan on bringing the content from the Switch version to the PC or PS4 version of the game in the west? If not, what makes the Switch the best home for this content?

ME: We do want to bring all of the content over, we’ll be making some more announcements pretty soon!

AL: What’s the future like for the team at GameCrafterTeam? Do you plan on continuing the Project Nimbus story or working on a new IP?

ME: They’re fantastic guys and they are hard at work on a new Nimbus game. Stay tuned for information on that later.

AL: What is your personal favorite Battle Frame in Project Nimbus: Complete Edition?

ME: Shibuya-san: My favorite Battle Frame is a customized version of Typhoon, called “Norther Custom”. This is a quite unique Battle Frame that equips a gigantic physical sword and shield. He is in the original version as a remarkable villain but we were fascinated at an idea that making this cool mech as a playable character. It needed a lot of work, making animation from scratch, adding new game mechanics for the transformable sword, but he is now available on Survival Mode and Warfront mode for players!

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AL: Are there any plans to add online or multiplayer modes to Project Nimbus: Complete Edition?

ME: Not at this time. It was set up from the beginning to be a story rich single player game, so we’ll leave it like that.

AL: Is there anything you’d like to say to fans of Project Nimbus in the west?

ME: Big thanks to all of the fans worldwide who have stuck with us as we worked on so many versions of this game. We hope you like it, and visit us online at for any breaking news!

Project Nimbus: Complete Edition will launch on Nintendo Switch eShop on May 16.

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