Project L Explains Gameplay Systems in New Video

Riot Games has shared a new video for their upcoming 2D fighter Project L, explaining how one actually plays it.

Firstly, the game has Light, Medium, and Heavy normal attacks that can be modified with directional inputs. Special moves are tied to the S1 and S2 buttons, with two different Level one Ultimates. Those take one bar of one’s Ultimate Meter.

Regarding defensive options, blocks and parries are present, with the latter opening up enemies considerably if utilized correctly. Dynamic Saves can be used by partner characters to turn the tides in your favor. Further, since the game can be played cooperatively, the Tag and Assist mechanics are tied to the Team button.

Each character has two Assist actions that control differently depending on whether you’re playing solo or co-op. The Fuse System is also of note,  which are synergy options that alter a duo’s playstyle.

Project L is a free-to-play fighter that encourages team-based play, with players matching up during fights to down others. The game features options to tag in other characters to extend combos or get out of a tough situation. The characters are from the world of Runeterra.

The game supports 1V1, 2V2, and 2V1 modes to choose from. Players can customize their characters from the roster selection that revolves around the Fuse system. This changes the synergy between fighters as players can choose which buffs they want to take advantage of.

In case you missed it, check out the latest gameplay trailer and developer diary for Project L.

You can view the latest gameplay video for Project L below:

Project L will launch sometime before 2025 on PC.

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