Project Athia Revealed in First Gameplay Trailer for PlayStation 5

Square Enix and Luminous Productions revealed a teaser trailer for Project Athia designed for PlayStation 5. Little information was given about the game other than the captions: “In a world not her own, resolve will be tested, truths will be questioned, and devotions will be doubted, she will rise”.

The gameplay shows the main player leaping from cliff to cliff in a fantasy-inspired world. Creatures appear to be a glowing wolf-like animal and a tendril tree monster. It looks as though the player can use magic as a form of attack. Magic might be elemental as roots are shown engulfing monsters from the ground.

Other moments show a vast world framed around the character, maybe suggesting this will be an open-world or one where the environment plays a big part in the gameplay. It is also mentioned that Project Athia is the working title, so this may evolve over time.

Project Athia is planned to be a console exclusive for PlayStation 5. However, at this time no release date or release window is given.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated on the development of Project Athia when more news is released.

For now, you can check out the gameplay reveal trailer below:

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