Space Puzzle Adventure ‘Professor Lupo and his Horrible Pets’ Lands on Switch and PC Next Month

BeautiFun Games has announced that their narrative-driven intergalactic puzzle adventure Professor Lupo and his Horrible Pets will land on Nintendo Switch and PC-via Steam on July 11.

Pre-purchases for the Nintendo Switch version are currently 15% off until release date. For those that want to get a taste of what the adventure will be like, there’s a free demo of the game now available on both platforms.

As the Professor’s personal Intern, players will have to deal with his collection of so-called horrible pets: who may look all cute and cuddly at first, but they actually turn into hungry monsters when they sense their prey. You’ll be going “Houston, we have a problem” after a series of unfortunate events causes these pets to run amok across the Aurora Space Station, leaving you and all the other Interns to have to avoid being eaten by all the hungry, hungry, horrible pets. Expect to go on a 12+ hours-long, far-out adventure as you’ll play through 100 levels full of clever puzzles, a mix of a humorous and suspenseful plot, and original art with traditional 2D animations.

Given the Nintendo Switch’s capabilities, players that have this version of the game can choose to play in multiple ways, with joycons, gamepads, or the touch screen. Fear not though, Steam version players, you too have options to choose from, like playing point-and-click style, or using a keyboard or controller of your choice.

The game is a labor of love from the development team as Aniol Alcaraz, CEO of BeautiFun Games, shared why via a press release:

“This game took over two and a half years to make, and we couldn’t be more excited for people to finally play it. We’re extremely proud of the work that we did and we hope that you have as much fun playing it as we had developing it. We believe it’s every puzzle lover’s dream game, and we hope the fans agree!”

Learn what it’ll take to become the most epic Intern of all time by giving the trailer and screenshots below a good look:

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Brad Crespo

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