Prodeus Preview – Trailer Don’t do it Justice

Prodeus Preview – Trailer Don’t do it Justice

After watching a few videos on Prodeus, I’m not sure they do this game justice because nothing can really prepare you for the action that this game has packed. After playing an early demo, it was made incredibly clear that this is a game that needs to be on your radar.

For an indie game inspired by the likes of classic DOOM and Duke Nukem, Prodeus doesn’t shy away from including many elements of both games. Throughout levels, players will have to find key cards while shooting mobs of enemies. Along the way, they may discover secrets with special weapons and maybe even short cuts. It’s cut and paste what fans of these games will recognize, but developer Bounding Box Software executes it incredibly well.

In this demo, I entered a level with just my fists and began swinging with all our might to survive a pack of enemies. Slowly you are introduced to other weapons, which gave me just enough to get used to used there different control and maneuverability.

With that said, control is what Prodeus has nailed in this title. You flow so seamlessly throughout the stages as you execute jumps and dodges in an attempt to survive. One thing I wish more relaid better to the player is an indicator of which direction you being attacked. I often just spun around in a circle until I found the enemy.

Prodeus 1

Prodeus is gorgeous, bringing pixel art into a 3D space that gives it a unique and beautiful presentation. If that wasn’t enough, you can paint the walls in blood after each kill. The gore is over the top, but pairs so well next to the massive explosions and constant heart-pounding action. I’m not sure I’m completely a fan of the HUD, but its the simplest part about this game, so maybe that’s required if only to provide balance.

With the game preparing its Early Access debut, I feel like the place where players can help the team out are in the other mission modes where players are timed to get through a course. The platforming can take some getting used to, but I was only able to play one of these missions, and I want more. Furthermore, there will be a create a level mode that just opens a range of possibilities when it comes to what we are going to see from this game in the future.

Prodeus 2

As it stands, Prodeus is a game that any classic shooter fan should be aware of. Watching trailers is not enough to experience what this game offers, and I know this firsthand. Even though I could only play a few levels, I kept playing them repeatedly if only to find new secrets and enjoy the thrill this game provides. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing more.

Prodeus is coming to Steam Early Access on November 10.

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