Mystery Adventure ‘Process of Elimination’ Introduces 6 Detectives; Abilities, Ranks & Solved Cases

Mystery Adventure ‘Process of Elimination’ Introduces 6 Detectives; Abilities, Ranks & Solved Cases

Publisher NIS America has introduced six characters of the upcoming Nippon Ichi Software-developed mystery adventure, Process of Elimination. As they’re all detectives, each of their ranks, standout abilities, and solved cases are highlighted to illustrate their prowesses.

The six introduced detectives are as follows:

  • Incompetent – Rank #100 – No abilities or solved cases.
  • Ideal – Rank #2 – Notable Ability is Future Sight – Foiled a bombing attempt on a Tokyo Government Office. Foiled an attempted mass shooting in Akihabara.
  • Senior – Unranked – Notable Ability is Architectural Design – Solved The Case of Building No. 1.
  • Renegade – Rank #4 – Notable Ability is Criminal Psychology – Solved The Case of the Shinjuku Rainwalker.
  • Posh – Rank #5 – Notable Ability is Aesthetic Eye. Solved The Case of the Altered Mona Lisa.
  • Workaholic – Rank #10 – Notable Ability is Reliable Investigator – Solved The Case of the Endless Night Shift.

You can view the video introducing the Incompetent, Ideal, and Senior detectives below:

You can view the video introducing Renegade, Posh, and Workaholic below:

Process of Elimination is launching for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch in early 2023.

In this title, an infamous serial killer with over a hundred victims, The Quartering Duke, has brought the country into a state of unimaginable havoc. To permanently cease this ongoing terror, the world’s top detectives unite under the Detective Alliance on the island of Morgue. However, a relatively unremarkable detective, Wato Hojo, ends up joining the Alliance and discovers that the Quartering Duke is one of them.

Players will utilize 14 detectives to find out who this serial killer is. Each character boasts unique skills and tools, and choice-based gameplay while exploring the island of Morgue will grant players crucial information. During investigations, the Denouement ability can be used to do various tasks, such as predicting the future and obtaining clues. Moreover, numerous locales on the island will house clues and mysteries to uncover, like a manor, research facility, and maze. It is also worth noting that only Japanese audio will be included.

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