Monster Romance Visual Novel ‘Princess X FD: Fiancees Forever!’ Coming West to PC

During Anime Expo 2019, JAST USA announced plans to publish the Poison Berry developed comedic romance visual novel Princess X FD: Fiancees Forever! in the west, coming soon to PC.

Princess X FD: Fiancees Forever! tells the story of some bizarre romantic encounters that serves as a follow up to Princess X. The series is best known for its portrayal of datable monster girls and the over-the-top situations that the characters find themselves in. Sure, some visual novel try to gloss over the monster look by making the girls look more human, but Princess X FD: Fiancees Forever! tends to make them a bit more monster-like instead.

Princess X FD: Fiancees Forever! features 13 side stories and epilogues starring series’ characters Naja, Proxie, and the entire cast of Princess X cast along with a couple of new ones. The game also features 16 H-scenes in total, in case that was on your mind, which it probably was considering you’ve read this far into the article.

Additionally, the developer released a new trailer to give fans a preview of the some of the possible romance scenes available in the game as well as new characters.

You can watch the new trailer for Princess X FD: Fiancees Forever!  below:

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