Visual Novel ‘Princess Party’ Released on PC in the West

Kagura Games announced that the Laplace-developed doujin visual novel Princess Party on PC-via Kagura Games Store and Steam (The Steam page is currently returning an error).

Princess Party tells the story of three princesses who are on their way to marry the prince. However, this is an arranged meet up and the women are not in love with this prince. The political reason for this meet-up turns them all off, but with the help of a magical ring, its glow will make them fall for the wearer.

The three romanceable princesses are, Charo, an honorable princess on the outside, but a conniving maverick on the inside; Flora, a noble princess and knight who devoted herself to the prince to save her kingdom; and Azure, a wise princess who has fallen for someone of a lower status.

Evidently, it’s up to the prince to convince the girls to marry him, which means he’ll need to rely on the ring’s power. During the dialogue, players will interact with the girls and become closer to them.

Yes, there is adult scenes in the game, as you probably expected.

We’ll be sure to share more releases from this publisher as they are announced.

You can watch the streaming trailer to see a preview of the gameplay below:

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