Princess Training Action RPG ‘The Princess Guide’ Gets New Character and Gameplay Trailer

NIS America launched a new trailer for their action RPG The Princess Guide, coming to Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 in early 2019.

The trailer introduces the game’s four main heroines:

  • Liliartie: As the head knight of Alixon, she loves to eat meat and is excited to train.
  • Veronica: Guild Master of the Rusty Magic Guild, she is great with magical art and has a temper.
  • Monomaria: A fallen Noble of the Yudaria Family, she is chivalrous and takes training seriously.
  • Apana: Sage of the Great Kamara Faith, she is a dragon princess and wishes nothing but peace.

Each princess has their own unique skill set and strengths. Similarly, they each have their own story to tell, which might require them to sacrifice something in order to achieve their goals.

The game features action RPG mechanics where players will slash their way through enemy tropes. However, the player will act as the instructor and can praise and discipline the girls as they see fit in order to make them stronger.

You can watch the new trailer below:

Author’s take: This is a game I didn’t think we’d get in the west since it shares similar gameplay mechanics with Criminal Girls and we all know how that went. So I’m excited to play because the story premise is just too silly to pass up.

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