PQube Teases Unknown Annoucement Next Week; Potentially ‘White Day’ Related

PQube Teases Unknown Annoucement Next Week; Potentially ‘White Day’ Related

Publisher PQube has released a 6-second teaser trailer for an upcoming, unknown project. The trailer is quite horror-esque, with brief flashes of environments and faces. The setting looks to be either a school or hospital, though it’s difficult to conclude due to how quickly it flashes.

Additionally, the phrase “Something Is Coming…” is repeatedly mentioned, which is pretty vague. Still, I think it’s safe to assume this project to be a horror experience unless a 180 is pulled. The video’s title has a flower and white heart icon, possibly hinting at the White Day series.

The White Day entries have been known for their horror and puzzle elements. Players traveled around the school and interacted with supernatural objects to progress. Most of the time, a janitor was roaming the halls, ready to catch and kill you if caught. It was a decent game but lost its novelty over multiple playthroughs.

White Day 2: the flower that tell lies was initially revealed last year. Not much information on that game has been shared other than “Born as a flower, but never was the one. So I became the lie swallowing the truth.”

Lastly, the teaser displays May 31, 2022, likely alluding to when this mystery will receive more clarification.

You can view the PQube teaser trailer for a currently unknown project below:

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