Supposed Leak Shows Kingdom Hearts IV is Planned; Tell Us Something We Don’t Know

A recent, supposed leak of NVIDIA servers has revealed that Kingdom Hearts IV, among several other titles, are either planned or in development to the surprise of no one, at least I hope not. The leak also has numerous other wild games like Chrono Cross Remaster and Kingdom Hearts Unchained X.

Now, as exciting as this leak is, not only are there the obvious likelihoods of it being fake or simply outdated information that is not relevant anymore, but it should be widely understood that, of course, a Kingdom Hearts IV is going to be either planned or in development, regardless of if it is the next official entry to the series or not.

This name could certainly be a placeholder for a new Kingdom Hearts game coming soon; who really knows. But, ultimately, this leak shouldn’t be taken seriously and with buckets of salt at best because no revelation should be treated as real until it is officially declared to be so, especially in a massive information dump like this.

I’d certainly love it if many of these games were real projects assuredly coming soon, though, like Final Fantasy Tactics Remaster. An updated release would be the perfect excuse to finally give that game a try.

You can view the supposed NVIDIA server leak here.

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