Post-Apocalyptic Adventure Title, ‘Age of Water’ Coming to PC

Gaijin Entertainment and The Three Whales Studio have revealed their new upcoming online title for PC, Age of Water.

You can watch the announcement trailer for this title below:

This title takes place in a post-apocalyptic future where the Earth has transformed into an ocean world. Residents live in this world by using what little feasible urban structures they can use, such as skyscraper rooftops and giant statues. Players will use a motorboat to travel between settlements, fight pirates excavate the remnants of a lost civilization from the depths of the ocean, and transport valuable goods while discovering the truth of that mythical land.

Throughout the game, players have to complete quests, fight against AI-controlled enemies, gather valuable resources, profit from price differences between settlements and freely explore what the vast amount of seas have to offer. Upgrading boats and building new ones is another of this title’s key features. Cooperative play is also planned.

Yuri Miroshnikov, the producer of Age of Water, had this to say regarding this title’s announcement:

“We believe that the bright visual style of Age of Water as well as it’s unusual setting and high level of freedom will appeal to the players that like exploring new worlds”, explains Yuri Miroshnikov, the producer of Age of Water.

Alpha testing for this title is stated to begin soon.

You can view the officially revealed screenshots below:

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