Portal: Companion Collection Announced For Switch; 2022 Release

During today’s Nintendo Direct presentation, Valve surprised viewers with an announcement of the Portal: Companion Collection to be released “later this year” for the Nintendo Switch.

Portal was a short, experimental title released in 2007 by a team that Valve hired after playing their previous creation, Narbacular Drop, which was retooled into Portal and reimagined to take place in the Half-Life universe. It was originally included in The Orange Box, a collection that also included Half-Life 2 (as well as Episode 1 and Episode 2) and Team Fortress 2 when the latter game had yet to become free-to-play.

Widespread acclaim for Portal led Valve to develop a full-scale sequel, and Portal 2 released in 2011 as a massive expansion upon the concepts found in the original, with returning and new characters and a massive amount of new lore for its universe. Portal 2 was released for PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3, receiving additional acclaim for its story and fully original co-operative campaign.

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