Population Zero Developers Details Exploration and RPG Systems in New Video

Eneplex Games released a new video series that gives players an early look at Population Zero, coming to PC-via Steam on May 5.

Population Zero is set 470 light-years away from Earth as the player reawakens in an unfamiliar frontier known as Kepler. The new world is made up of seven distinct Biomes, where players are urged to explore and survive.

During gameplay, players will find themselves crossing canyons and jungles as they make new discoveries. In the Hub, players will meet other survivors who will ask for help in exchange for their knowledge of Kepler. Completing requests will progress the narrative that revolves around a 7-day cycle goal. Throughout gameplay, players will also unlock new workbenches, and character experience to level up to gain new skills and abilities.

Outside of the PvE mode of surviving, players can jump into a PvP mode where they only have one life and must do their best to survive, amongst others. There are also numerous creatures that players will need to fight against that range from small to towering enemies.

Currently, the game is in early access with a Founder’s Pack available for players wanting to jump in early and play through the beta.

You can watch the trailer below:

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