Team Battle Game ‘Pokemon Unite’ Announced for Switch and Mobile Devices

Today, The Pokémon Company announced that they are working with TiMi Studios of Tencent Games to release Pokemon Unite on Nintendo Switch and iOS and Android devices. Furthermore, the game will launch as a free-to-start title.

Pokemon Unite is a strategic Pokemon team battle game where players face off against each other through five-on-five team battles. Teams of Pokemon must cooperate in order to catch wild Pokemon, level up, and evolve their own Pokemon. The player gains victory after they earn more points than that opposing team with the allotted time.

However, this system is widely similar to League of Legends as players begin each match at level 1 and destroy grunts to earn EXP and become stronger. Similarly, there are different lanes for players to travel through.

Pokemon Unite also supports cross-platform support so players can play between mobile and Switch devices.

In a match, players choose their Pokemon and enter the game. Players will need to destroy goals so opponents can’t heal quickly as they make their way to their base for extra points. The final moments of the game also feature double points to make the battle more intense.

You can watch a full match playing the Pokemon Unite revealed below:

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