The Next Generation of Pokémon ‘Sword and Shield’ Gets Release Date and Details

Nintendo has shown off an absolutely massive amount of new Pokémon content in a direct especially for the upcoming games, Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield, coming to Nintendo Switch on November 15. This direct has shown off a new trailer for the game as well as a collection of interviews and breakdowns for some of the new features contained within.

The games will take place in the Galar region, where players will be able to explore an open world as they interact with Pokémon like never before. During battles, players will utilize a new power called Dynamax, which can be used once per battle. This mechanic involves turning your Pokémon into kaiju sized beasts for three turns, drastically increasing their strength.

Players will encounter several NPCs along the way, such as the champion Leon and his brother Hop. Players will be able to interact with these rival trainers and learn more about them. Hop has dreams to become as strong as his brother and sets out on his journey on the same day as you. One gym leader that players will encounter is Milo, who uses Grass-type Pokémon.

During the adventure, players will encounter Pokémon in the Wild Area which is a large open field that hosts a variety of different Pokémon depending on where the player is. New legendary Pokémon were also revealed called Zacian and Zamazenta who each play a role in the story of Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield.

More details are said to be coming soon.

You can watch the new gameplay trailer below:

PokémonSword and Pokémon Shield will be released for the Nintendo Switch worldwide on November 15. Follow us for future updates on the new titles.

Author’s notes: HOLY HELL! I am super pumped for this title. The new characters look absolutely rad and I hope they’ll be really good. Hop looks like a really fun rival and I really want a Corviknight. Please. Oh no, I’m back in a mood to play more of these gamessssssssssss.

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