Pokémon Sword and Shield Shows Galarian Pokémon and Items in New Battle Trailer

The Pokémon Company International launched a new trailer for their upcoming RPG adventure Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield, coming to Nintendo Switch on November 15.

The trailer focuses on the new battle system in the game and Galarian form Pokémon. During the trailer, a battle takes place with Galarian Weekzing showing off his ability of Neutralizing Gas, which neutralizes other Pokémon’s abilities. Also, a new item is shown called Room Service that lowers the Pokémon’s speed during trick room and “Eject Pack”, that will switch out the Pokémon if its stats are lowered.

The trailer continues to show off the new Dynamax ability which enlarges a Pokémon and gives them some extremely powerful secondary abilities.

The publisher details the battle arena:

In the Battle Stadium, Pokémon Trainers can engage in Ranked Battles where they will face other Trainers and their Battle Teams from across the globe.

  • Trainers will battle those with a similar rank and will earn points depending on the results of those battles.
  • Each rank in Ranked Battles belongs to a specific tier, and Trainers can increase their rank by earning enough points.
  • Trainers can check their own ranking in the Battle Stadium. They can also see how all of the participants placed in a competition on the smartphone version of Pokémon HOME.

In Casual Battles, it’s not about who wins or loses—it’s about becoming a better Trainer.

  • One exciting aspect of Casual Battles is the ability to use certain Legendary Pokémon and Mythical Pokémon that are not eligible for Ranked Battles.

Features like Online Competitions and Rental Teams will also allow players to connect with other Trainers in different ways.

Trainers who participate in Online Competitions can battle in either Official Competitions or Friendly Competitions.

  • In Official Competitions, participants will take part in special battles with a variety of different rules and restrictions.
  • In Friendly Competitions, Trainers can join competitions hosted by other players or even host their own competitions. Regulations in Friendly Competitions are determined by the host.

Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield take place in a new region known as the Galar region, which is filled with the countryside, city, and snow-covered environments. Players will also be able to choose from new starter Pokémon Grookey, Scorbunny, and Sobble as they work towards becoming a Pokemon Champion.

In case you missed it, the developer released information about brand new trainers and enemies that you’ll encounter during this new adventure.

You can watch the new battle system trailer to get an idea of what’s to come below:

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