Original Pokémon Snap Joining Switch Online Expansion Pack Next Week

Original Pokémon Snap Joining Switch Online Expansion Pack Next Week

Nintendo has announced that the original Pokémon Snap will be joining Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack next week on June 24, 2022. This beloved classic Nintendo 64 title is an on-rails shooter of sorts, just with a camera instead of a gun. It took an oddly long while for this game to finally get added, but better late than never.

Players will find themselves strung along several naturalistic locales with the aim of taking photos of several Pokémon with various objectives. Immense replayability is also boasted, thanks to the presence of scoring criteria and the chance to spot rare Pokémon and poses.

You can view the tweet announcing this game’s upcoming arrival via Nintendo of America’s official Twitter account below:

New Pokemon Snap was released for Nintendo Switch last year. This title takes place on an entirely new island and is also a new adventure. Players can interact with the Pokemon by providing them with food, which might allow them to get a better shot. In the previous entry, your pictures are rated, and you could take the picture to a Blockbuster to have them printed. Those days were certainly different, for better or worse. In this entry, your favorite pictures can be hung on a digital wall.

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