Pokémon Masters Details Co-op Gameplay in New Trailer

DeNA revealed new details for their upcoming mobile adventure game, Pokémon Masters, coming to iOS and Android devices in summer 2019.

The developer released a new trailer which shows off gameplay that gives players an insight on some of the different ways to play Pokémon Masters. First off, the Cooperative Mode has two players join together from around the world to battle against AI opponents. Players will need to work together to unleash unity attacks, which is a special coordinated attack from all three sync pairs.

Additionally, players get the chance to see more of the game’s three vs three battle system which requires players to utilize the game’s sync attacks. There are also details on the Masters League which is a tournament where players will take on Gym Leaders, Elite Four members, Champions, and tough trainers from around the world. During gameplay, players will battle these teams to obtain badges and become champion of the Pokémon Masters Leagues.

Something new shown in the trailer is Synga Suits, which are special outfits that trainers wear into battle. When the trainer wears them their partner Pokémon changes to match. Such as if Brock wears his Sygna Suid he will team up with Tyranitar instead of Onix.

You can watch the new trailer below:

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