Point-And-Click ‘My Dear Frankenstein’ Announced for Western Release on PC

Publisher Moonchime Localization has announced the western release of point-and-click game My Dear Frankenstein. Developed by Japanese team Number7, this title will be available on PC (with both Windows and Mac support) on Summer 2021. It’ll be available on Steam with English text and cost $4.99.

The game tells the story of a newborn monster exploring the City of Shipberry. Through exploring this nocturne urban area, the protagonist has the chance to experience an emotional story about life, grief and friendship. Keep in mind sensitive topics like suicide and cruelty are also included.

As a storm is coming closer to town, the monster boy Adam wakes up in a basement and finds a ghost who claims to be his friend. Now the duo goes around town meeting new people, uncovering the truth behind some mysteries and recovering pieces of his heart.

My Dear Frankenstein was originally released by Number7 on Steam this February, but only with Japanese text. According to its Japanese store page, the game is divided in novel parts and exploration parts. The first part is focused on conversations between characters, while the other one has the player trying to solve mysteries.

The publisher has also shared a few Japanese screenshots, which you can check out below:

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