Horror RPG ‘Pocket Mirror’ to be Remastered With Updated Visuals, Features, and Animations

Degica Games announced they will publish the AstralShift and VisuStella-developed horror RPG Pocket Mirror: Goldenetraum on PC-via Steam.

Pocket Mirror: Goldenetraum is an updated and remastered version of the 2016 release, Pocket Mirror. This version of the game will include new visuals, additional features, a brand new ending and 2D animated sequences, extra content, and more. Still, much of the memorable horror narrative beats will be included as well.

Pocket Mirror: Goldenetraum is a horror puzzle adventure game where players must unravel a mystery across 100 explorable environments. Although the game may seem cute, it’s just a cover-up for the horror themes that lead players to multiple endings. This new version also includes a new ending along with New Game+.

The developer released a statement:

We’re AstralShift, the creators of Pocket Mirror and now Pocket Mirror ~ GoldeneTraum.

It’s with big pleasure that we bring you this remastered version of the 2016 original with the help of VisuStella and Degica Games!

The aim of this remaster is to keep the original experience that so many players have come to enjoy while improving on its artwork and visuals, adding to its storyline, and perfecting its overall execution.

We hope all original fans will enjoy our renewed take on the game and that new fans will be able to experience all that Pocket Mirror ~ GoldeneTraum has to offer!

It’s always been our goal to bring the game to Steam, something that’s always been requested by the community, and we’re happy to have finally been able to do so!

Thank you so much for playing and, as always, keep your memories close to your heart!

Further, the publisher adds:

As the publisher of RPG Maker we are always humbled by the creations of our users. This time we are particularly happy for this chance to bring a classic game to new levels thanks to both the newest version of RPG Maker, RPG Maker MZ, but also the huge effort from both the original AstralShift team who have made a huge upgrade to all assets in the game and the help of the very competent VisuStella team for the technical aspects.

We are confident the result will be enjoyable for both old and new fans.
We believe the remake of this classic gothic horror adventure will be a pleasure to play.

A release date has not been shared at this time.

You can watch the teaser trailer for the title below:

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