Plumbers Don’t Wear Ties is Sadly Coming to PS4, PS5, Switch, and PC Physically and Digitally

Limited Run Games announced they will publish the United Pixtures-developed Plumbers Don’t Wear Ties on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC both physically and digitally.

Plumbers Don’t Wear Ties initially released on 3D0 and PC, in a limited capacity, and stars two characters just looking for love. The game follows Jane and John, who are both single.

This is a narrative adventure game where players watch scenes play out and sometimes make choices that affect the story’s outcome. The game does have censored content as well, which may not make it into this new version. There are also a few scenes where a man in management says that the girl needs to take her clothes off to get a job.

The game was previously made popular by James Rolfe, The Angry Video Game Nerd, who reviewed the game in character and made it clear that it was something we should all avoid. I have done that for years, and now this release has come to haunt us. Will we review? Probably. I’m going to start therapy soon just to prep for it.

We’ll keep you updated on the development and release of Plumbers Don’t Wear Ties on modern platforms.

This game is not good. At all.

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