PlayStation Showcase May 2023 — Hopes & Expectations

With the next PlayStation Showcase taking place on May 24, 2023 (Wednesday) at 4:00 PM ET, we’ve compiled numerous titles we’re either expecting to see or want to see make appearances. Firstly, here are the games we expect to see in some capacity.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

Marvels Spider Man 2

This one should go without saying, but Spider-Man 2 has been heavily discussed in recent weeks, with a release most likely occurring during the Fall of this year. This new adventure will be the third full title in this particular series, focusing on Peter and Miles combatting Venom and other foes.

Final Fantasy XVI (Demo)

Final Fantasy XVI 4

Considering how Final Fantasy XVI received its own State of Play, it will probably get minimal screen time at most if it’s shown again. Still, a demo is confirmed to arrive at some point, so we may see further details on that. In case you missed it, here’s our preview.

Silent Hill 2

silent hill 2 screenshot

This highly controversial remake from Bloober Team is not exactly a project many are looking forward to, as the original Silent Hill 2 is practically sacred; remaking it is quite the choice. Plus, the developer doesn’t have the best reputation. Still, Konami did assign them with one of their biggest games ever, so maybe it will receive just treatment.

Stellar Blade

stellar blade

This upcoming action RPG by developer SHIFT UP has been incredibly appealing from the little of it we’ve seen. From standout enemy designs and weight-filled combat to an appealing main character, there’s plenty to look forward to from this title, even if we don’t know much about it. Hopefully, we’ll gain insight into its planned release window during the event.

Rise of the Ronin

Rise of the Ronin

Rise of the Ronin is an ambitious action adventure helmed by Koei Tecmo and Team NINJA set during Japan’s Bakamatsu period. We don’t know much about this release other than its narrative emphasis and that it’s Team NINJA’s most challenging project to date.

Metal Gear Solid

Metal Gear Solid

Many speculations are surrounding a supposed Konami release of the Metal Gear IP. We’re hoping Sony can do something with it, given their connections with Kojima Productions. However, we’ve been burned by Konami before, and this just sounds too good to be true. Regardless, a new Metal Gear Solid release, even being teased, has hyped us up for this to happen. Metal Gear Solid III Snake Eater is specifically rumored to receive a remake.



While we have gotten a few updates on this ambitious action JRPG with dating elements, release details have been somewhat scarce. A Summer 2023 release has been stated, so if that’s still the case, we’ll undoubtedly see its presence at the showcase tomorrow.

Next up are the games we hope to see, meaning we don’t have much faith they’ll show.

Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth

Final Fantasy VII rebirth
Common, just give us an update. With 2023 offering two brand new Final Fantasy experiences, you’d think Square Enix was spoiling us. Many fans are awaiting the next entry in this trilogy, but we honestly don’t mind waiting.

Lost Soul Aside

Lost Soul Aside

We haven’t seen much of the once one-man-developed action RPG Lost Soul Aside. The game is being developed under the China Hero Project, which is a Sony-owned incubator for Chinese developers. The team has surprised us many times over the years with some amazing battle systems, but we need a release date; it’s time. The expectations for this game may be too much though, but here’s to hoping we see it soon.

Kingdom Hearts IV

kingdom hearts iv

Kingdom Hearts IV was announced last year, and aside from a few interviews teasing us about new developments, we still don’t know much at all. Enough time has passed at this point for us to gain more insight. Even just a generic short teaser in-engine would be enough to moderately satisfy fans’ appetites. Quadratum is certainly an interesting new locale. Perhaps we’ll see Jack Garland there working as a construction worker. Sounds like a fanfiction writer’s dream.


Pragmata 1

Pragmata has been a rather silent Capcom title. We still know practically nothing about this unique-looking game other than it still having a 2023 launch planned. If that is still the case, we’ll have to see it appear tomorrow.

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