PlayStation Reveals the PS5 Hardware and it Looks Weird

PlayStation Reveals the PS5 Hardware and it Looks Weird

At the end of Sony’s PlayStation 5 – The Future of Gaming livestream, PlayStation finally gave us a look at what the PS5 will actually look like, and its… weird, to say the least.

Perhaps the biggest announcement to come out of the PS5’s official reveal is the introduction of a second smaller (and, probably cheaper) PS5 that will not feature a disc drive. This move is perhaps in response to the rumored less powerful Xbox console, Xbox Lockhart.

Similarly to the DualSense controller revealed a few weeks ago, the system will feature a white and black color scheme. Perhaps most interestingly, the white part of the console juts out of the top of the system quite prominently in a way that doesn’t seem to have much purpose other than design.

The middle of the system will be entirely black, with the console’s fans being placed right in the middle to hopefully ensure better cooling. It is unclear whether the console will be able to sit on its side as it is always featured standing upright in the trailer.

The trailer also revealed the look of the new white/black DualSense charging station, HD Camera, Pulse 3D Wireless Headset and PlayStation branded Media Remote. When all of these new items are lined up, they honestly look pretty cool.

You can check out the PS5 Hardware Reveal trailer below:


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