PlayStation Plus Games for November 2019 Are Perfect for the Season

Every month Sony Interactive Entertainment reveals their PlayStation Plus Free Game lineup, an exclusive offer to those that subscribe to their online membership. Players part of this membership, called PlayStation Plus, are entitled to two (sometimes more!) free games that are theirs to keep so long the members retain their subscription.

As this once a month holiday rolls around, we here at Noisy Pixel decided to get excited and break down each new title coming to PlayStation Plus every month, so you know what you’re getting yourself into before you even start downloading!

Let’s get started!


Released February 7, 2017

First up is Nioh, an action roleplaying game developed by Team Ninja and Sony Interactive Entertainment taking the publishing reins. You can kind of see why it’s on the list, huh? But jokes aside, this game was a positively received title from both fans and critics, earning an 88 average on Open Critic. With most people calling out the game for refined gameplay and satisfying payoffs vs. difficulty, it is sure to please Souls players.

And for those who like stories, know that you play as William Den Peel, an Irishman that arrives in Japan during a fictionized, dark as heck Sengoku Period. William travels to Japan because he’s tracking down an enemy, but along the way, he meets people in Japan that are also in a war with other people from different clans, so Williams figures, “why not? I’m killing things anyways!” Which means get ready for some war drama and slicing up demons.

Nioh coming to PS Plus is great timing since Nioh 2 just announced a March 2020 release window, with an Open Beta starting Friday, Nov. 1st. But if you plan on taking this opportunity to catch up on Nioh’s gore and lore before the sequel comes out, do keep in mind that it’s unclear if this version is the Complete Edition, so you may have to buy the three DLC packs if you plan to go all in.

Fun fact: Nioh was initially a multimedia project based on a scripted by Akira Kurosawa, a famed Japanese director. Part of the project was a PS3 title that began development in 2004 that had a bunch of delays until it reemerged in 2015 as the game we know now.

Outlast 2

Released April 25, 2017

Next is Outlast 2, the sequel to the first outlast game. But I didn’t need to tell you that because there’s a 2 in the title. Outlast 2 is a self-published first-person survival horror game from developer Red Barrels. While this game is another well-reviewed earning a pretty good 75 average, again form Open Critic, with most criticisms coming from the game’s repetition and weary navigation.

The story again follows a journalist, this time named Blake Langermann, trying to uncover the mysterious death of a young pregnant woman, only known as Jane Doe. He tag-teams the investigation with his wife and travels to an area in Arizona. The pair then get in a super fun helicopter crash that results with a dead pilot and a missing wife, also super fun!

I would say the benefit of taking this game for a spin is if you were a fan of the first game and meant to get to this sequel but then fell far down your backlog like mine. This is the perfect excuse to beat it over a weekend with your friends or loved ones. Except for me, my partner hates scary things and can’t sleep after watching them.

Fun Fact: Red Barrels so far only made Outlast games. But that doesn’t mean they’re one-hit wonders. The founders worked on a bevy of titles ranging from Splinter Cell, Assassin’s Creed, and Price of Persia. Though when they finally jumped into a new independent studio, the first snag in their plans was a technical error with the Canadian Media Fund that only got them CA$300,000, which sadly is not a lot of money to make video games. But they bounced back, partly thanks to Conan O’Brien, and was able to make more Outlast.

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