PlayStation Plus Games March 2020 – Being the Little Guy

PlayStation Plus Games March 2020 – Being the Little Guy

Every month Sony Interactive Entertainment reveals their PlayStation Plus Free Game lineup, an exclusive offer to those that subscribe to their online membership. Players part of this membership, called PlayStation Plus, are entitled to two (sometimes more!) free games that are theirs to keep so long the members retain their subscription.

As this once a month holiday rolls around, we here at Noisy Pixel decided to break down each new title coming to PlayStation Plus every month, so you know what you’re getting yourself into before you even start downloading!

Let’s get started!

Shadow of the Colossus

Another heavy hitter title from the PS Plus Free Games line-up comes from Shadow of the Colossus, a Sony first-party game birthed from the talent at Team Ico and remade to the current generation by Bluepoint Games. This is another game I always meant to grab but my brain stopped me since I played the original title on PS2.. Okay fine, it wasn’t original, it was a Greatest Hits box. But all the same, Shadow was a highly praised game back during the PS2 era and now on PS4. Earning a 91 average on Metacritic, critics loved the respect the remade had, leaving the art design and atmosphere intact while making plenty of quality of life improvements. The only bad thing some may say about it is how Shadow might feel stuck in the old gaming past.

Shadow of the Colossus is the story of a boy named Wander, doing everything he must to revive Mono, the woman he rested in a stone temple. He is told by the god, Dormin that to revive Mono he must defeat sixteen Colossi that are spread across the large and forbidden land. If you don’t remember the story or you clicked on this article to accident, that’s because Shadow of the Colossus is better known as the dark and gloomy game that as players traveling endlessly until they find a colossus to climb all over and stab it in the head. I know I do.

There are many reasons to think about why Sony is putting another remastered title on their own line-up, the last being the Uncharted Collection. One theory could be to continuously let people know that PlayStation is the brand that breathes new life into the retro titles that people love. While Microsoft lets people play discs they already own at higher resolutions and Nintendo mostly resells their retro titles as is, Sony opted to give people more reason to revisit titles. I mean if you asked me, I’d still love to toss a copy of Inuyasha: A Feudal Fairy Tale in my PS5 and play a remastered collection of Infamous one and two.

Another theory is Sony blasting Bluepoint Games into everyone’s conscious mind. Bluepoint Games is working on a remake that is set for the PlayStation 5 and hyping up the excellent work on Uncharted and Shadow of the Colossus will lead t expectations of another quality title for the next generation.

Fun Fact: This isn’t the only time Bluepoint Games worked on Shadow of the Colossus. Their first project that involved the Team Ico title was The Ico & Shadow of the Colossus Collection, catchy name. It was released on September 27, 2011 for the PlayStation 3 and also fostered good review scores from the community. The main difference between the two is that the PS4 version is more of a remake, building from scratch the assets, textures, and animations. This is all while keeping the framework and core elements from the original engine with the Bluepoint Engine running on top. As for the PS3 version… Well, it was an “up rezzed” Shadow.

Sonic Forces

Now for the game that will enter our newly made “Uhh?” pile for games that are a bit confusing for why a deal was made to include for PS Plus. Sonic Forces definitely a head-scratcher but it doesn’t belong in the “Wha?..” pile because unlike Monster Energy Supercross, there is some rhyme and reason. We’re not gonna find the reason in its Metacritic average of 57, but if there is any merit to find, it is the positive reviews citing Sonic Forces’ shameless all-in approach to the modern and classic Sonic gameplay styles. But also those that liked the previously released Sonic Mania should keep walking.

Before guessing why we get this game, let’s do the story. Sonic Forces once again has players fending off Dr. Eggman but this time, he has already taken over the world thanks to his new pet Infinite. To combat this larger threat Sonic turns to your custom made character to help form an army and put a stop to Robotnik’s schemes. Not a bad premise if you ask me. Character customization is a big part of this game, allow people to make hedgehogs, birds, cats, or mix them all around.

Now for the big reveal, the reason we get Sonic Forces on PS Plus is… Because there’s a new Sonic the Hedgehog movie out and all the good sonic games have already been on PS Plus expect for Sonic Generations, we deserved that one instead. So there, big controversial take, I know.

Fun Fact: Sonic poppy bright color scheme in the original games were influenced by Japanese pop artist Eizin Suzuki. Sega incorporated the lively pop color all the way down the game’s packaging for the cart kids in the 90s bought at the local Toys R’ Us.

Predator: Hunting Grounds trial

While not part of the line-up, PS Plus subscribers have a chance to check out the trial weekend with Predator: Hunting Grounds starting on Friday 27th.

For those that don’t know Predator: Hunting Grounds, it’s an asymmetrical multiplayer where a team complete objectives while fending off another player controlling Predator. Unique features also include cross-play with friends on PC during the trial.

The trial timeline is 5 PM PST to 11:59 PM PST Sunday, March 29th. And of course, PS Plus subscription is required.

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