PlayStation Plus Games February 2020 – Immersive Worlds

PlayStation Plus Games February 2020 – Immersive Worlds

Every month Sony Interactive Entertainment reveals their PlayStation Plus Free Game lineup, an exclusive offer to those that subscribe to their online membership. Players part of this membership, called PlayStation Plus, are entitled to two (sometimes more!) free games that are theirs to keep so long the members retain their subscription.

As this once a month holiday rolls around, we here at Noisy Pixel decided to break down each new title coming to PlayStation Plus every month, so you know what you’re getting yourself into before you even start downloading!

Let’s get started!

BioShock: The Collection

I couldn’t be happier to see that BioShock: The Collection is on PS Plus Free Games. It has been one of those titles that will be on my wishlist on every platform I own but I couldn’t pull the trigger on purchasing regardless of the great deals the narrative first-person shooter would have. Despite how badly I wanted to revisit the fantastic worlds that Irrational Games (RIP) and Take-Two Interactive have devised, I just have a personal thing with buying games I have already played. Still, with an 84 average on Metacritic, critics agree that this is a game worth revisiting thanks to the game’s unique storytelling and the overwhelming amount of games and DLC content you get in one package.

The collection is comprised of three games BioShock, BioShock 2, and BioShock Infinite. So the best way to describe the story is: There’s always a lighthouse. There’s always a man. There’s always a city. But seriously, Each game does star a different protagonist that must escape from a deranged situation whether they’re in underwater high above the clouds. Each game (except maybe BioShock 2 because no one talks about it) does a great job of telling the story of the world to you instead of, typically, a story that’s happening to the character.

As many headlines for this PS Plus drop will say, “PS Plus Free Games Is Actually Five Games This Month,” Which is probably why it was selected this time around. Of course, 2K Announced that late last year, they founded Cloud Chamber Studios to develop the next Bioshock, so here’s hoping they’re hyping up a new trailer. Either way, BioShock: The Collection is a good grab. Call off a day and see if you can set a record for most video games beaten in a day.

Fun Fact: There were a lot of fun facts I could have chosen for BioShock, so here are a few cooler ones. The BioShock franchise was selected to be displayed in the Smithsonian Institution via a voting poll for Art in video games as it was recognized to be on of the first titles to showcase video games as an art form. Also, there are two canceled BioShock projects: A Universal Pictures-produced movie directed by Gore Verbinski and written by John Logan, which was announced in 2009. And a PlayStation Vita game tentatively called BioShock Vita that was revealed by Ken Levine holding a Vita at E3 2011. The game was canceled after Sony and Take-Two failed to make a new deal, and it was put on hold for BioShock Infinite. Levine said he wanted the game to play like a Final Fantasy Tactics set before the Fall of Rapture.

The Sims 4

The Sims 4 from Maxis is synonymous with countless hours wasted on playing pretend, like having a set of action figures and dolls that don’t relate to each other when you were nine years old. It is also why my save of Sims: The Urbs on PS2 is much cooler than yours. The famous simulator/dollhouse title averages at 66 on Metacritic for its subpar console experience that is not the norm compared to its PC counterpart.

Of course, Sims 4’s story is the player’s story. They are goals in the form of “aspirations” that your created Sims character will have, as well as the careers your sim can build on and climb the corporate ladder. But Sims has sort of always been about creating your own scenarios with no definite end game.

It should be known that Sims 4 appears to be the base game, meaning that you will need to fork over the cash for any of the expansions you may want, like Get To Work, Cats & Dogs, or the newest Discover University. Add-on the game packs, and you have a recipe for some faux drug dealings but for games. Get it? “Add-on.” Like the DLC term? Nevermind.

Fun Fact: Older Sims games had darker and adult humor before being known as a family-friendly game as it is now. Things like sad clowns being in your home, robbers are coming in and taking your stuff, creepy phone calls that were vaguely threatening to your real being, and even strippers. Now the game is a bit toned down, also though there was a “controversial change” to Woohoo, making it always possible to conceive a baby.

Firewall Zero Hour

It’s been a bit since we seen a PSVR game grace the PS Plus lineup. With 2018’s Firewall Zero Hour, players are required to have PSVR to play this online-only title. But the bright side is that at least the PSVR Aim Controller is not necessary despite all the preview videos that seem to suggest. Still, the game averaged 79 from Metacritic, making to one of the more appreciated VR titles from Sony Interactive Entertainment. So if you’re interested in First Contact Entertainment’s 4v4 shooter, you’re in for a good time.

Being an online-only game, the story is more about the objectives. The primary game mode has players attacking or defending a laptop, loaded with military secrets I’m sure. Attackers have to dupe the Defenders and get the files, while defenders have to run out the clock. It’s a classic take for existing games mode from other online shooters like Rainbow Six or Counter-Strike. On top of that, Players can outfit their contractors with different load-outs and effects, like silent movement or taking less bullet damage.

The PlayStation Blog does mention that this game offer is ahead of Firewall Zero Hour’s new season called Operation: Black Dawn that begins February 4, the day these PS Plus games are available. There will also be a new free map named Oil Rig. So yeah, this time, I don’t have to guess the deal is for, though I will wish for a new title from First Contact announced whenever the next PlayStation State of Play is.

Fun Fact: While some people may be surprised at PSVR having a well made first-person shooter. It is less surprising when you take a look at First Contact Entertainment’s other work. With two other shooters in their catalog, it’s clear that arcade shooters in VR are their specialty.

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