PlayStation 4 & PlayStation 5 2022 Wrap-Up Gaming Reports Now Available

PlayStation 4 & PlayStation 5 2022 Wrap-Up Gaming Reports Now Available

Sony has announced that 2022 gaming wrap-ups are now available for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 users. Players can get detailed compiled information regarding their total play time across PS4 and PS5 titles, how many days those hours add up to, and how that time was divided between local, online, and VR.

Additionally, your top five most-played games are listed, with how much playtime percentage they comprise compared to your total, as well as how many hours were logged. Your most-played genre is stated, too.

Next, your trophy gathering across Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum throughout the year is laid bare, alongside how many you’ve accumulated during this time frame. The final section is more of a flex on Sony’s part as they list the number of games PlayStation Plus granted access to. Although, the number of titles you have redeemed via the service is said.

Once you conclude all those tasks, a summary card of the aforementioned notable points is presented, and a PlayStation 4 avatar of Astro Bot is gifted. There are six possible avatars one can receive, but Wario64 has listed them all for convenience and ease of accessibility:

  • C5CD-C2NJ-R239 Wrap-Up 2022
  • CPDR-JFN9-TJA2 Action-Adventure
  • H75N-8HNP-H5EP Fighting
  • MNNX-CXNG-L6GB Driving/Racing
  • BA5N-RNNE-P3EK Shooter
  • 2LJB-8JND-4H9G Sports

You can take the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 2022 wrap-up here.

If you don’t own a PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5 and are curious about how the 2022 wrap-up looks, images of what mine is are viewable below:

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