Playism Tokyo Game Show 2022 Recap; All Announcements & Updates

Publisher Playism recently featured six upcoming new indie titles during Tokyo Game Show 2022. From Metroidvanias to platformers to shmups, there’s something for everyone here.

Each title is listed below, with their general premises and screenshots provided:

Rusted Moss

rusted moss

This is a physics-based grapple hook Metroidvania by developers by faxdoc, happysquared, and sunnydaze, currently planned to release for PC via Steam on February 2023. Platforming and combat are performed with a full 360-degree aiming system, allowing inestimable freedom. Further, because of the physics-based momentum, the mechanics are intuitive but difficult to master.

Humanity is on the brink of collapse, and a faerie invasion is arriving. So, for the sake of survival, they empowered their own witches with fae magic. However, the protagonist, Fern, is a changeling who was raised by human parents. She seeks to end the Age of Men and return Fae to the world with the help of a shadow named Puck.

  •  20+ unique abilities to find
  • Customizable strategy and gameplay
  • 6+ challenging bosses to defeat
  •  8 distinct weapons to find
  • Multiple endings
  • Interact humans and fae folk trying to find their way through the world to learn their stories
  •  Uncover lost shrines and abandoned computer stations to learn about old secrets and forgotten
  • Beautifully melancholic pixel art – A retro vibe with a modern aesthetic, the world of Rusted Moss comes alive with moody pixels and stylish animation

Valkyrie of Phantasm

valkyrie phantasm

This is an airborne battler releasing for PC via Steam Early Access on October 23, 2022. Following a meteorite falling onto Gensokyo, lights scatter from its core, making their way to four Touhou girls; Reimu Hakurei, Marisa Kirisame, Youmu Konpaku, and Patchouli Knowledge.

The Early Access features comprise the following:

  • Four playable characters
  • Story mode: 5 stages
  • 1 vs 1 CPU versus mode
  • 1 vs 1 network versus mode (test mode)
  • Tutorial mode
  • Four basic shots and five spells per character (total of 20 spells)
  • 19 abilities

The full game is planned to implement the following:

  • All eight playable characters (remaining characters to be added subsequently)
  • Full story mode (over 30 stages)
  • 2 vs 2 team battle stage
  • Three new spells per character
  • Over 20 new abilities



This high-tempo shooter by developer hinyari9 is releasing for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S this Winter. The titular protagonist guards a border gate against numerous foes. Cash is earned from her job, though at a heavily taxed rate, and it’s used to purchase cards to defeat more powerful foes.

Multiple playthroughs and endings are implemented, with the truth of the world becoming gradually becoming clearer. Moreover, there are eight unique characters and a Score Attack Ranking.



This 2D side-scrolling shooter is releasing for Nintendo Switch this Winter, with English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and Korean language support. A Steam version launched earlier this year.

In this title, Planet Halpax endures the reign of the Kharlal Empire. A slave suffering from “Planetary Compatibility Disorder” must be sent back to Earth to be cured, and his daughter, Irina, desperate to save her father, steals the Dranius. Additionally, a bizarre humanoid frog named Ghenie appears before Irina, claiming that they have time-traveled from 30 years in the future to rid the universe of the Kharlal Empire’s rule, which supposedly destroyed over 5,000 planets in that timeframe. Irina reluctantly teams up with the odd creature since she has no one else to rely on.

This side-scrolling shooter has players pilot a superb craft known as the “Dranius,” which boasts the ability to absorb enemy fire with the Reflector. This absorbed energy can further customize the Dranius with new powerful weapons. Counterattacks can also be launched with their strength dependent on enemy projectile absorption quantity.

Drago Noka

drago noka

This slow-simulation game by developer GeSEI unkan is releasing for Nintendo Switch. A Steam version is currently planned for Winter 2022. The title comprises players making life as liveable and congenial as possible atop a dragon, with recruitable villagers all boasting their own personalities and skillsets. Alongside the grind of daily life, these denizens can even start families with each other.

A myriad of playable tasks are available such as farming, forging, fishing, sewing, cooking, and crafting. Dragon breeding is even possible. Still, there are dangers spread across this fantastical world, with opposing dragons of various elements being the most evident. Combatting them is of the utmost importance regarding village safety.



This 2D horror adventure is now planned to release for Nintendo Switch in Winter 2022. A PC release via Steam is currently available.

Throughout this title, players take control of protagonist Ib as she visits an art gallery with her parents. However, the young girl suddenly finds herself alone in this now ominous setting, and she sets off to find a way out of this troublesome predicament. Players will have to solve various puzzles to progress the narrative, and choices determine the ending one achieves.

Alongside enhanced visuals and updated mechanics, this remake is simultaneously planned to appeal to new players regardless of skill level while still providing a fresh experience for fans.

Further details include the following:

  • A newly composed soundtrack
  • Brand new puzzles, effects, and tricks
  • “Zoom Mode” for visibility, aiding in puzzle-solving and area examination
  • “Conversation System” for NPC banter and hints
  • 7 endings dependent on chosen actions during dialogue and exploration

You can view the full English version of the Playism Tokyo Game Show 2022 broadcast below:

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