Playism Announces Publishing of Maid Cafe Adventure ‘Maid Cafe at Electric Street’ for PC 2024

Playism has announced they will publish Adventurer’s Tavern-developed leisurely maid cafe adventure Maid Cafe at Electric Street.

Set in Nipponbashi, Osaka, the protagonist escapes to a rundown maid cafe after quitting his toxic job. In this restaurant, he meets the maid, Shiro, eventually resulting in him becoming the cafe’s temporary manager, running the day-to-day operations. And his first task comprises scouting girls to work as maids.

Players will get to meet and interact with the four main girls, Shiro, Miyu, Favna, and Honoka, who are all voiced. You’ll also hear daily lighthearted stories and go on dates throughout Nipponbashi’s entertainment establishments. Several real-life businesses will be present, including Surugaya, Sofmap, Dragon Star, Super Potato, and Karaoke Rainbow.

As for the cafe, you’ll have to assign the correct tasks to the girl depending on their strengths, make coffee, and aid in various other activities if the needs arise. There are also gachapon machines with their own collectibles that can be used as the basis of conversation with the girls.

You can view the profiles of the four main girls via our gallery below:

Developer Adventurer’s Tavern shared the following message:

“Thank you so much for waiting!

Maid Cafe at Electric Street is the most ambitious and most time-consuming project Adventurer’s Tavern has ever tackled. Even though we’ve faced many difficulties and limitations, we’re working hard and doing our best in order to provide players with the best game we can make.

We’re very thankful to PLAYISM, who have supported us throughout the development process!

Please look forward to the game, because we’ve poured our souls into it!”

You can view the announcement trailer for Maid Cafe at Electric Street below:

Maid Cafe at Electric Street will launch for PC via Steam in 2024.

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