Playism Co-Publishing Story Adventure ‘Boyhood’s End’ for PC Fall 2023; Chapter Updates Every 2 Months

Playism has announced they will co-publish the story adventure by WSS playground, Boyhood’s End. This serialized juvenile science fiction horror by the producer of Needy Streamer Overload and developer of Chloe’s Requiem occurs in a world ruled by the mechanical overlord “R. Karellen.”

Every aspect of one’s life is assessed with a human score, resulting in R. Karellen determining each facet of everybody’s life, including “academic and professional careers, romantic interests, to one’s daily meals.”

Protagonist Giovanni has the lowest human score across all humanity, enabling him to receive “special treatment” for everything and get bullied relentlessly online and in person. One day, everybody starts attacking Giovanni under the justification of raising his human score to make him more human, causing him to escape onto a driverless train on the galactic railroad alongside the famous genius student Campanella.

Giovanni ends up on a journey to find the “Crimson Southern Cross,” located at the farthest edge of the universe. The two of them will encounter “great leaders of the past and pull reckless and destructive “pranks” on them all.” Everything will eventually culminate as they face the end of their childhood.

The game’s producer shared the following message:

“I’m Saito, the producer of Boyhood’s End.

“Boyhood’s End” is a title with many meanings.

It has a lot of meanings within the game’s universe and story, of course, but as a producer, I think it also represents the end of the childhood of Tobita, the creator.

I have a gut feeling that this is a game that will become a major milestone in her life, and so I’m supporting her as much as I can.

I’m sorry for writing a comment that doesn’t even mention the content of the game, but I believe that indie games are defined by how you can almost taste the developer’s life story through them.

What we’ll be showing at TGS is really just a fraction of what we’re going to offer in the full game, but I hope players will enjoy the taste test of the demo at the event!”

You can view official screenshots and key art for Boyhood’s End via our gallery below:

Giovanni is profiled below:

“Shut up! I couldn’t care less about your twisted logic, but here’s the thing: I’m a human! And you’d better start treating me like one!”

Has a wanted criminal as a father and the lowest human score in the universe. Gets treated like trash by other people and even the system itself.

Has a cynical personality and a sharp tongue, but has a soft spot for his family. Always has to earn money to pay his sister’s hospital fees.

Although he lives in an age where humans haven’t had to write programs by themselves for generations, Giovanni knows the ancient craftsman technique of writing his own code from scratch. He frequently uses his coding skills to do shady side gigs on the dark web.

Campanella is profiled below:

“Come on, show me! Show me the true potential of humanity! Show me something unpredictable, something that could ruin the world as we know it—something a man-made thing could never do!”

Has the highest human score in the Gymnasium, and very talented in everything from academics to sports, but also has the highest total score deduction in the Gymnasium due to his frequent eccentric behavior. Talk about extreme.

Campanella holds “humans” in high regard, and acts arrogantly around the inhuman and artificially intelligent R. However, many claim to have seen him chatting and playing around with R for no reason in particular.

You can view the character trailer for Boyhood’s End below:

Boyhood’s End will launch for PC via Steam Early Access worldwide in Fall 2023, with chapter updates planned every two months in a serialized format.

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