Play-To-Earn NFT Game Sky Frontier Fantasy Battle Announced for Mobile & PC

Play-To-Earn NFT Game Sky Frontier Fantasy Battle Announced for Mobile & PC

There I was, piddling around Japanese websites, looking for some possible news to cover here at Noisy Pixel. And I suddenly witnessed a new game coming out to Mobile and PC…but with a twist. Sky Frontier: Fantasy Battle, developed by Pancake Games and published by BIGBANG, will be coming out soon for mobile devices and PC. And while you might think it’s just your standard RPG, it hides quite the secret. It’s a Pay-To-Earn game.

Yep, your eyes are definitely not playing tricks on you. According to the official press release by Gamebiz, Sky Frontier features a single-player field mode and a raiding mode where up to 4 to 8 players can challenge the giant creatures. Your reward for clearing said challenges? Unique NFT equipment and crewmates.

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Furthermore, the game will also introduce a lending system. Imagine the following scenario, if you will: Player A earns a rare crewmate NFT, but Player B wants said crewmate to earn money. Player A can then lend that crewmate to Player B, and whatever profit Player B makes, Player A takes a cut that can be determined. The NFTs you earn can also be converted into unique blockchain-related currency by using in-game currency when making standard equipment.

All that is known about the game is that it’s coming in 2022, with the website saying that an NFT sale is occurring in 2022. Dear Lord, I certainly don’t see people taking kindly to this, even if this might just seem like a company trying to get into the trends.

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