PlatinumGames Launches ‘World of Demons’ Exclusively on Apple Arcade

PlatinumGames has launched a hack-and-slash action game, World of Demons, exclusively on Apple Arcade.

The developer, known for developing games such as Bayonetta and NieR: Automata, has come together to deliver a high-action game in the world of yokai. Players will experience a story that is deep-rooted in Japanese folklore with the presentation of cell-shaded Japanese character designs.

During gameplay, players assume the role of a samurai leading an army of yokai minions as they embark on a mission against evil. The game is set in a beautiful environment inspired by traditional Japanese artwork with gorgeous stages pulled from ukiyo-e woodblock prints.

Along the way, they’ll meet samurai allies and a menagerie of yokai, each with their own techniques and combo possibilities. Players will expand their arsenal of abilities to conquer all foes that stand before them, ultimately facing the fearsome Shuten Doji, lord of all oni.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated on future games developed by PlatiunumGames, most recently they announced they are actually developing Sol Cresta, and it’s not an April Fool’s joke.

You can watch the new trailer for World of Demons below to get an idea of if gameplay mechanics, characters, battle system, and features:

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